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YouTube Grandma Prankster Kevin Droniak’s Frozen Story


Kevin Droniak is a 17-year-old kid from Connecticut who has been doing some excellent work on YouTube. He rides around with his grandmother, makes up crazy stories and videotapes it. During his last appearance, Jimmy challenged him to work the plot from the movie Frozen into a conversation with his grandma. Here are the results.

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Let It Go (from Frozen) Meets Metal


So I haven’t seen this many requests to do a tune in my inbox since the “Call Me Maybe” days haha. I knew I’d be singing this for days bc one of my favorite musical soundtracks (the book of mormon), Mr. Lopez also had something to do with. Thank you guys so much for everything. It means the absolute world. Big ups for all the suggestions, messages, subs, comments, donations, fan art, and support. I couldnt do it without you. Once again and as always you ROCK my casbah.

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Let It Go (Disney’s “Frozen”) Vivaldi’s Winter – The Piano Guys


The location was a huge factor in picking the song Let it Go from Disney’s movie Frozen. Ryan Davis from the Ice Castles contacted Paul a year ago wanting us to film there, but at that time we could never think of a song that would do it justice until last December when Paul took his family to see the movie Frozen. After coming out of the theater, he knew what needed to be done and got the ball rolling.

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Let It Go – Frozen – Alex Boyé (Africanized Tribal Cover) Ft. One Voice Children’s Choir


I went out of town for work and when I got back, my wife Julie told me, “You’ve got to hear this. She puts on the music and my little 4 year old Adanna struts and shimmies across the living room singing every single word of “Let it go” with feeling and reckless abandonment!! Along with every other kid in the country, She got “Frozenitis!  My mind immediately started racing and I thought “I HAVE TO AFRICANIZE THIS!!!

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